Illinois Lawmakers Propose Medical Marijuana for Suffering Kids

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The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act hasn't even been implemented and we're already seeing a possible significant expansion. Today, the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee unanimously voted to forward a bill which would include epilepsy in the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. The bill would also allow children who suffer from epilepsy to use medical marijuana for their condition.

Currently, there are about 40 debilitating medical conditions for which medical marijuana can be used in Illinois. Besides epilepsy, "chronic pain" is conspicuously absent from the list. That condition makes up the bulk of medical marijuana use in other states.

The proposed Illinois Department of Public Health rules outline strict rules for adding additional debilitating conditions for consideration. The rules would allow the public to propose new conditions only twice a year. Proposals would be evaluated by a newly-created Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. Any person soliciting the Board would have to adhere to a strict set of protocols in order for their proposals to be considered. The License Law Group anticipates that chronic pain will be proposed early on in the implementation of the Act.

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by Daniel Rubinow, Principal Attorney

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Daniel Rubinow