Are New Rules for Chicago's Strip Clubs Coming?

New rules for Chicago strip clubs

For a big city, Chicago has some pretty restrictive rules about liquor in strip clubs. Namely, nudity (even toplessness) is not allowed where alcohol is consumed.

That might change with a new proposal sponsored by Ald. Scott Waguepspack.

Currently, Chicago's zoning code lumps together all types of "Adult Use" businesses. That means that as long as it's zoned correctly, an adult bookstore or adult motion picture theater can convert to a strip club (legally known as "adult entertainment cabarets") and provide live, nude entertainment without any additional approvals. However, the proposed new rules would make sure that strip clubs are only allowed in locations zoned for "adult entertainment cabarets."

Those new proposed restrictions come with another proposed revision which would allow locations to serve alcohol AND feature topless performers. This is something that Chicago hasn't seen for decades.

The Zoning Board gave a unanimous approval for the new rules. If the bill passes City Council, we can expect to see a surge in zoning and liquor license activity as the adult entertainment industry changes in Chicago.

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by Daniel Rubinow, Principal Attorney

License Law Group


Daniel Rubinow