Strip Club Reforms Lose Key Support

Only a few weeks ago it seemed like Chicago was at the dawn of a new era with strip clubs. A new City Council proposal would have allowed nudity where alcohol is consumed. Although that proposal passed the City's Zoning Committee 8-0, the alderman who first floated the idea is pulling out his support.

According to Alderman Waguespack, the original intention was to tighten zoning restrictions so that adult bookstores and movie theaters would not be allowed to also feature live entertainment. Somehow, the bill was amended to include language which would have instead allowed strip clubs to offer both nudity and alcohol. According to the alderman, it was not his intention to do this. This would be a sea change in the way Chicago strip clubs operate.

With the key supporter backing out, it is unclear whether the reforms will pass. The bill is up for a council vote on April 2, 2014. 

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by Daniel Rubinow, Principal Attorney

License Law Group


Daniel Rubinow