If You Serve Liquor, You NEED to Read This

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A few months ago we posted an article about some serious upcoming changes in the law that will affect anyone serving alcohol in Cook County (Click Here to Read). The law has now passed and will most certainly be signed by Governor Quinn.

Just to recap, House Bill 5926 (HB5926) greatly expands the training requirements for any location in Cook County serving alcohol. It will require all alcohol servers to participate in Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET). Any location employing untrained alcohol servers can face fines, suspensions, or even revocation.

The good news is that License Law Group is affiliated with the best BASSET certification organization in Illinois. This group has developed a comprehensive curriculum and trained countless numbers of alcohol servers over the years. This is THE place to get trained.

Just call (773) 809-5409 or email info@LicenseLawGroup.com and we can get you set up.

Your business depends on it.

by Daniel Rubinow, Principal Attorney

License Law Group


Daniel Rubinow