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Launching a business is exhilarating. Ensuring you have the proper licensing is not. Oftentimes in the hospitality industry, license issues are overlooked until far too late, causing business deals to change dramatically, or even fail. Don't let that happen to you.

At License Law Group, we provide a full service of licensing needs for Chicago's hospitality industry.

Principal Attorney Daniel Rubinow spent years as a business license prosecutor for the City of Chicago. He learned intricacies of the licensing system and routinely took licenses away from businesses that were not compliant with the City's regulations. Today he uses that same expertise to help businesses gain and maintain proper licensing.


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Licensed business sales

Buying and selling a licensed business is not like buying and selling other businesses. We are also able to offer an extended range of sophisticated corporate services  for all types of hospitality businesses thanks to Daniel Rubinow's position as attorney of counsel at Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC.



Food, liquor and tobacco licenses

Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food trucks and any liquor-related or tobacco-related business face a mountain of regulations and licensing issues. We are here to help so you don't waste your time and energy. 


Real estate brokerage

Daniel Rubinow is a licensed real estate broker who partners with The Kudan Group, Chicago's premier business and commercial real estate brokerage. If you are looking to buy or sell a business, or need a location for your bar or restaurant, we can help with that.

Additional services

  • Licenses for salons, spas and massage establishments
  • Gaming licenses
  • Summons and tickets to 400 W. Superior and City Hall



We develop a close bond with our clients and are thrilled to watch their businesses grow and succeed. We've worked with restaurants, nightclubs, convenience stores, liquor stores, hotels, valet services, motor vehicle repair shops, second-hand dealers and franchisees. 

Many of our clients are confidential, but a small sampling of those we've worked for can be found below.


How we work


Licensing is a collaborative effort, and we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients. We build partnerships with our clients during the time it takes to get them their required licenses. During that time, Principal Attorney Daniel Rubinow develops a deep understanding of your personal and professional goals, and he does all he can to put you in position to realize those goals.

Daniel Rubinow is a veteran in the field of regulation and litigation relating to business licensing matters. He spent a decade prosecuting business licensees for the City of Chicago, and he draws on that experience to help business owners obtain and maintain their licenses.

We view the work we do as a partnership with our clients. Our goal is to put you in position to succeed.

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