License Law Group provides a full service of licensing needs for Chicago's hospitality industry. We are also able to offer an extended range of sophisticated services thanks to Daniel Rubinow's work as attorney of counsel at Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC and partnership with The Kudan Group

Learn more about the various licensing services we provide below. 

Licensed Business Sales


Buying and selling a licensed business is not like buying or selling other businesses. In addition to the "normal" considerations, there is an added layer of regulation from the city and state. How you navigate those regulations can make or break the sale — and ultimately the business itself.

License Law Group evaluates your individual situation and can devise an optimal plan for your acquisition or sale.

Additionally, License Law Group offers full-service business legal assistance, from stock purchase agreements to corporate mergers and acquisitions, thanks to Daniel Rubinow's position as attorney of counsel at Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC. Latimer LeVay Fyock services middle-market companies with the high-quality legal work clients expect from a large law firm but in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

License Law Group can also help defend your business after a bad inspection or when things just go wrong (as they sometimes do).

Food, Liquor and Tobacco Licenses

Opening up a new restaurant, bar, cafe, convenience store, bakery, shared kitchen, food truck, catering facility or other hospitality business can be a huge undertaking. Getting a proper retail food license is something you just can not ignore in Chicago. Each new Chicago food and liquor license applicant faces zoning issues, permits, inspections, and a list of forms to deal with. The retail food and liquor licensing process in Chicago can be overwhelming and can distract you from what you do best. License Law Group can work with you to help get you through the Chicago food licensing process and open for business.

Even after you are licensed, non-compliance with intricate and confusing laws can mean that your license can be revoked and your business ruined.

If you are pursuing a tobacco licenses, know that it is one of the most regulated licenses in the City of Chicago. The City scrutinizes the funding and personal background of all applicants. Like food and liquor licenses, making sure you go about requesting licensing the correct way is important. License Law Group can help you with that.

Real Estate Brokerage

Daniel Rubinow is a licensed real estate broker and partners with The Kudan Group, Chicago's premier business and commercial real estate brokerage. If you're looking to buy or sell a business, or if you need a location for your bar or restaurant, License Law Group can do that too.

Summons and Tickets to 400 W. Superior and City Hall

The reality is that most hospitality businesses will get some type of ticket that requires a visit to 400 W. Superior. In the past, LLCs and corporations were allowed to represent themselves while negotiating these cases with the City. Now, the law has changed: LLCs and corporations must be represented by an attorney. Our goal in these cases is to negotiate the best deal possible.

If you receive notice to appear at City Hall, the stakes are usually a lot higher. A summons to City Hall could mean the City wants to revoke your business license, and if that is the case, it is imperative that you are confident in your legal representation. You will be confident with License Law Group defending you.


Additional Services

  • Gaming licenses
  • Licenses for salons, spas and massage establishments

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